Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is There Anything to Love About Kim's Kardazzle Palette?

I'll be honest, I'm not a Kim Kardashian fan. At all. In fact the entire Kardashian klan (couldn't resist) definitely aren't on my Christmas card list. However, I've heard of Khroma, the line started by Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, and was definitely excited to try this.

I picked up Kim's Kardazzle Palette, and whoever named it needs to be fired, but nevertheless I'll let it slide.
The palette packaging is undeniably gorgeous: grey snakeskin effect with the Khroma logo in silver on the bottom right hand corner. The lid opens up to reveal a mirror and the eight shadows, while the face powders slide out from the bottom. It's around the same size as a credit card so perfect for travel, and doesn't come with any brushes. Probably a good thing seeing as most palette brushes are rubbish.

This palette contains eight eyeshadows (four shimmers and four mattes), and a blush, highlighter, and bronzer.

None of the individual colours are named, so for convenience I've numbered them 1-8.

They range from a matte light, dove grey to a carbon black shimmer, with teal and navy thrown into the mix. The mattes definitely let this palette down with very little pigmentation. 

1. Matte black. Pigmentation was good, and it applied very smoothly.
2. Light dove grey matte. Absolutely terrible pigmentation, very dry and stiff. Lovely colour, but a pain to use.
3. Charcoal matte grey. I absolutely love this colour, however pigmentation was ever so slightly lacking. Still, it was easy enough to build up, and way creamier than #2.
4. Matte teal. Very similar to #3 pigmentation-wise. Teal was definitely a nice addition to the palette, but not an essential. It honestly looks a lot better in the pan.
5. White shimmer. Awful awful awful. Crumbly, cakey, and the fallout was intense. A lovely highlight colour, but a nightmare to use. It took ages to smooth out and even then, it still looks patchy.
6. Navy shimmer. Definitely one of the best colours in this palette. Smooth, creamy, and so easy to work with. Really helped make up for the disastrous white shimmer.
7. Silver shimmer. Yet again, creamy, easy to apply, and a smooth finish.
8. Black shimmer. Brilliant pigmentation, and would be a real star if it weren't for the masses of fallout. I didn't even apply much product to my brush, and there were little specks flying everywhere. Definitely one to apply before doing the rest of your face 

This palette was designed with smoky eyes in mind, similar to those of Kimmy K. While they definitely have the dark colours and highlights there, I was very disappointed with the lack of transition colours. One nude would have been a welcome addition (or replacement for that darn light grey).

As for the blush, highlight, and bronzer, these absolutely steal the show. Pigmented, easy to apply, and in lovely shades.

Blush. The blush is a very pigmented, vibrant bubblegum pink. It was very easy to build and had a very smooth finish. Due to the vibrancy of it, I'd recommend building up bit by bit (this has clown-cheek syndrome written all over it).
Bronzer. Light terracotta would be the best way of describing the colour of this. It applied lightly but was easily buildable. While the product consistency is good, I'm a bit iffy on the colour. It has a slightly orange tinge to it, so could be a risk on fair skintones.
Highlight. White gold with a hint of champagne, super easy to apply and very pigmented. 

So while the blush and bronzer are in my opinion so- so, this highlighter is HEAVENLY. It's a super useable colour that would suit most skintones and was a total pleasure to use. There's also a gorgeous iridescence (that my camera skills don't do justice to) under certain light. Definitely the star of the palette and I wish it was available separately.

Just look at it! Absolute champagne gold perfection.

Speaking of availability, Khroma is a difficult enough brand to track down Ireland. I was lucky enough to find this in TKMaxx, but have never actually seen it anywhere else. The website names Cloud 10 as a stockists, but it's not in the brand selection there. 
Now I did get lucky and only paid €5.99 for this, but after doing a bit of detective work I found that these usually retail for €16.95. Which I think is a bit of a ripoff. For the quality of the eyeshadows (that damn light grey) I'd be happy to pay €12/ €13 at most for this. 

So what do you think of this palette, or any other Khroma products? Also, I'd love to hear and better (or worse!) possible alternative names for this palette.

Claire x

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