Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Blog Introduction.

So most likely you're one of my friends that I've forced into reading this, but if you're not then you're my hero today!

About Me
I'm Claire and I'm twenty-two. I live in Dublin in an apartment with my roommate. His name is Nox and he's my kitten (bet you didn't see that one coming).
I'm a college dropout, aspiring makeup artist, and I've been a professional hoodie folder for four years.

Why Am I Blogging?
I started blogging three years ago, but had a lot going on at the time so decided to stop. Recently I made the decision to take it up again after realizing how much I missed it.
I love makeup, and all things beauty related so am constantly reading different blogs. I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas, after being inspired by so many others.

What This Blog Is About
Beauty reviews, swatches, lifestyle posts,
story time and anything else in between.

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